Book Review:Exit Game

“Exit Game” by Vidit Chopra is based on the theme of technology and gaming.

The story is based on fiction and thriller and it revolves around the gaming world and how it influences the real life of humans.
Professor Ahmed the protagonist of the story find out the reality of the game and stops the company which introduced the evil game

The story is a real page-turner with twist turns.
The language of the book is simple and easy to understand.
The writing style of the author is good.
Overall a good thriller read.
I recommend this book to those who enjoy playing games and reading thriller novels.

Book Review: Life Unshackled

“Life Unshackled From darkness to Light” by Mallikarjun B. Mulimani.

The story revolves around Rudra. During his birth, the astrologer predicted that he would have troubles tormenting him for most of his life and advised the name Rudra to his parents. He faced hardships during his childhood, in school and his career.
His life changed when he found Krupa, a sex worker and falls in love with her.
You have to read the full story to find out how he overcomes sufferings and transform his life.

The title is perfectly apt to the story of Rudra.
The language of the book is easy to understand.
The book is fast-paced and you can finish this book in a single sitting.
The message given in the story by the author is good.
Overall a good light read book.

Book Review: The Last Lumenian

🥀Book Review 🥀

“The Last Lumenian” by S.G. Blaise is a sci-fi, book.

The story revolves around the young girl
a protagonist who’s fighting for the freedom and justice of refugees on her home planet.
She rebelled against her oppressive father.
She is very kind-hearted and she has magical powers.
The author very well wrote the character of Lilla in the story.

My Views:
The title and cover of the book are apt.
The plot of the story is well written.
The book is full of twist and turns.
The beginning of the story is slow-paced but later on, the story became engaging.
The language of the book is easy to understand.
The Glossary, in the end, was helpful.
Overall the book is a blend of fantasy and sci-fiction.

Recommended to those who love to read fantasy novels.

Book Review: Paper Planes and Hopes.

“Paper Planes and Hopes” by Payal Sagar.
This book is a collection of free-verse poems and prose.

The book is divided into Four Parts ie: The Highs, The Lows, The Fall and The Rise.
The poems of this book motivate you to live a happy life.

My Views:
The title and the cover of the book are apt.
The Writing Style of the book is good.
The illustrations in the book are amazing.
The author wrote each poem beautifully.
My favourite poems among all are Your Muse is you, I See you everywhere and Presence and Absence.
The poems are filled with emotions and motivation.
Overall a good poetry book.

Recommended to those who love to read poetry books.

Book Review: Metaphysics of Sucess

“Metaphysics of Success” by Dr P.S. Ramani is a non-fiction book
This book is divided into 15 chapters.
In the first chapter, the author described his childhood experience.
The author has mentioned the importance of good character, discipline and social etiquette etc
The author has shared the essential factors for achieving success in one’s life.
My Views
The title of the book is apt.
The book includes quotes written by famous personalities.
The author very well explained each concept in the book.
The narration of the book is good.
Language is easy to understand.
Overall a good self-help book.
Recommended to everyone!

Rating 4/5

Author Interview:Jayant Swamy

Que 1)Tell me something about yourself.
Ans: I have only lived in two cities my entire life – Bangalore and Seattle. Both represent home to me. IIM-Bangalore educated, I have had a checkered career cutting across business and technology, training and teaching. I can claim to be living proof for the adage ‘All those who wander need not get lost’.

I consider myself a maverick. I don’t blindly conform to social recipes. I grapple with life on my own terms. I yearn for a world where all human-beings garner respect for just being human-beings, irrespective of manmade divides like class, status, power, you name it et al.

Novel pursuits attract me all the time – dabbling in IMPROV, writing a Bollywood screenplay, moderating for film-festivals, running training networks and book clubs, launching non-profit start-ups, acting in testimonial videos – I have done it all, many for just the heck of it!

Que2)Can you share with us something about the book that isn’t in the blurb?
Ans:‘Family Secrets’ is published by Vishwakarma Publications of Pune. Suhail Mathur of the Book Bakers represents me as my literary agent.

‘Family Secrets’ is as much a family saga as it is an ‘intelligently woven’ corporate thriller. Here are three things that make it ‘emotionally engaging’.

The tender and loving relationship between English-teacher-turned-conman Siddhartha and his theater-wife Sadhana, that unfurls as they engage in one con game after the other. The extra-marital affair between lawyer Vikramaditya and the blue-blooded Rani Gayatri Devi in the backdrop of a courtroom drama and its aftermath – which provides the novel its most pivotal plot point. The poignancy of young Rahul’s coming of age and coming out story – trying to win his newfound father Abhimanyu’s approval as he comes to terms with his own sexual-orientation.

Que3) How did publishing your first book change your process of writing?
‘This is what I was born to do’ sang my heart when my debut novel ‘Colours in the Spectrum’ was published. While the motivation to keep writing was already there and I was onto my second novel by then, getting the first one published gave an added impetus.

It is not so much the ‘publishing’ that changed my writing process as the lessons I learnt while writing my first book. Too much restructuring and editing is not conducive to my efficiency. That was my biggest learning. I was way more efficient in producing the near-final manuscript of my second novel, than I was with my first!

Que 4)What inspired you to start writing?
Writing makes intuitive sense to me. It is perhaps part of my genetic fabric? I find a story in every situation, be it a single scene I see or a piece of dialogue I hear or the most mundane activity I do.

I like to connect the dots. I have a way with words. I have been told that I possess the gift of the gab. Behavioral science is one of my passions. I thrive on What-If and Why-not. Writing gives me the opportunity to bring all this together. Writing lets me utilize my potential. Writing is therapeutic – for life has thrown more than my fair share of challenges at me!
What’s the most challenging part about writing a thriller as opposed to any other genre.
A thriller must be fast-paced. It must heighten the reader’s anxiousness for what happens next. The twists and turns must keep coming. These are the caveats I set for myself.

Both my main characters – Siddhartha the conman and Abhimanyu the businessman – are cerebrally well-endowed. I had to get into their minds and think through their con-games and boardroom moves end-to-end to make them successful.

Juxtaposing the emotional journeys of the characters with the thrilling episodes to tell an edge-of-the-seat story that is a true page-turner was my next challenge.

Brevity is not just the soul of wit, it is also the soul of thrill. I willingly ‘let go’ large chunks of well-written material that I felt were detracting. A few chunks were full-fledged chapters and others were scenes or summary.

Que 5)What one thing would you give up to become a better writer?
Accept life as it comes, is my motto. I do not hold onto things, material or otherwise. Becoming a better writer than I was before is an unending journey. Life is welcome to take away whatever it wants from me.

Que6)Tell us about the process for coming up with the cover.
The cover is designed by literary agent Suhail Mathur and his team at The Book Bakers. The process of coming up with it was both collaborative and iterative.

I am very visual myself and have an individual sense of aesthetics. I had always envisioned the cover in white and blue, with rolling dice hurling towards the readers. I wanted the royal tiara which plays a prominent role be featured on the cover. These were the must-have elements that I story-boarded on Power Point and sent off to the team at The Book Bakers.
The team worked their magic and converted my stated vision into reality. After some back and forth, we settled on what has now become iconic (based on feedback received from my readers)!

Que7 )Are you working on anything at the present you would like to share with your readers about?
Yes. A book on personality development, which aligns with my passion for the behavioral sciences. I cannot take myself out of storytelling. I cannot take the storyteller out of me. Though my next book is in the non-fiction genre, I am writing it in the form of a story.

A management fable for a training firm engaged in the transformation of corporate culture is also on the cards. I am also toying with a contemporary take on the art of the con in the era of technology, for a future novel.

Que 8)What got you into writing a thriller novel?
How many movies haven’t we seen or books haven’t we read, where the protagonist is plotting for justice all her/his life and yet, has neither planned nor prepared for it, and ends up failing in the very first step? The rest of the movie or book is then dedicated to action where the antagonist is always one step ahead while the protagonist will play the victim, not think through the simplest of steps, and make spur of the moment decisions. Until the very end when the protagonist miraculously turns the tables and emerges victorious!

I wanted to write a thriller where my characters would not be that way. Their plans would be well thought out and thorough. When faced with challenges, they would find an intelligent way out. One of my characters even has this mantra: The proof of the project lies in the planning.

Que 10)What does literary success look like to you?
On a lighter note: To sell a million copies of my book. To have a web series made on it. To win the Man Booker Prize.

On a tad more serious note: Family and friends buying my second book without the asking because they believe in me and they like my style of writing – represents to me that I may have arrived!

Que 11)What is your favourite childhood book?
I was eight years old when I read my first novel, an Enid Blyton mystery. I was a member of three local libraries as a kid. By the time I was in high school I had graduated to reading the Sherlock Holmes series, P. G. Wodehouse, A J Cronin. I also experimented with an entire spectrum of books from classics to pulp fiction.

Que 12)How do you select the names of your characters?
Though my novels are contemporary, time and again, I am drawn to history, for the names of my characters. Vikramaditya and Siddhartha are two names I have repeated in both my novels. Old-world charm, classic elegance, I pick them when they suit my characters. Karan, Arjun, Abhimanyu – the Mahabharata is a perennial source for names in both my novels. Karan, Siddhartha, Abhimanyu – I’ve used these names to draw parallels between my characters’ emotional journeys and those of the historical characters.

Author Interview: Shantanu Banerjee

Que1) Tell me something about yourself.

Ans: Hi! I am Shantanu Banerjee and I am the author of My Girlfriend’s Wedding. I belong to Ranchi, Jharkhand and this is my debut book.

Que2)Can you share with us something about the book that isn’t in the blurb?

Ans:Yes. The female protagonist, Anupama is portrayed here as a woman with strong will power! In the blurb, you may find her as a beautiful girl but this beautiful girl is a strong woman who takes her own decisions. Sachin Sharma, the male protagonist is not the guy who is considered as a road side Romeo who is running after the girls. He is caring, lovable and a responsible guy who respects every person he comes across.

Que 3)How many hours a day do you write?

Ans:2 to 3 hours in the night when every falls asleep.

Que 4)What inspired you to start writing?

Ans:Books of other authors gave me an inspiration that I should also write a book one day.

Que5) What is your work schedule like when you are writing.

Ans:I have a very busy work schedule. First I try to finish off my office work, then some time for my family and then finally I write stories.

Que6) What one thing would you give up to become a better writer?

Ans:There is no such thing which I have to give up to become a better writer.

Que7)Tell us about the process for coming up with the cover.

Ans:A The beautiful cover has been designed by The Book Bakers and the cover itself is so catchy that just by looking at the cover and the title of the book, one would get attracted towards it! The cover shows the entire story line in a single go. A guy is thinking of a woman getting married and the woman may be of course his girlfriend.

Que 8)Are you working on anything at the present you would like to share with your readers about?

Ans:Yes, of course, I am writing but that will be a secret for the readers. Let that come out, it will again be a treat for them.

Que9)What were the key challenges you faced when writing this book?

Ans:The main challenge was getting it published! Being a newcomer, I had no idea on how to get a book published. But thanks to another best selling author Mr. Pankaj Dubey who helped me a lot in this journey by introducing me to The Book Bakers and Suhail Mathur. Rest, Suhail himself is the hero of this journey who made it possible for me to hold my own book in my hands.

Que 10) What does literary success look like to you?

Ans:Success in the field of literature means how much your book is appreciated by others. How much your book holds a better content. If these elements are there in a book, definitely the book is a success.

Que 11) What is your favorite childhood book?

Ans:My Favorite Childhood Book is rather a comics, Adventures of Tintin, by Herge. I still own each and every comic of the Tintin series.

Que12) What do you hope your readers take away from this book?

Ans:Aspirations of a woman, patience of a boy to wait for his love and of course, the pure form of love where there is no cheating or stalking or break ups.

Book Review:”A Journey of a Common Man Unfolding life”

“A Journey of a Common Man Unfolding life” by Col NK Mohan.

The story of this book is about the life of a common man who moved from a small village of Punjab to become an army officer.
In this book, the author shared his journey experiences and events of his life in short chapters.
The author shared his life experiences from his childhood, nostalgic incidents, marriage, training camp, fateful days, flight to Leh, farewell etc.

My Views:
The language of the book is easy to understand
The book is a short read, you can finish this book in a single sitting.
The author has very well shared his life incidents in this book.
The narration of the book is good.
Overall a good one time read the book.
Recommended this book to those who like to read short stories.

Book Review:Chennai To Chicago: Memoir of a software engineer

“Chennai To Chicago: Memoir of a software engineer” by Sriram Ramakrishnan is journey experiences of Sriram from Chennai to Chicago.

The book is a memoir of a software engineer who’s from a middle-class family and dreaming for Chicago.
The memoir is about his experiences and struggles to get the visa of the USA.
The author also described his travel experiences of different places.

My Views :
The title and the cover are apt to the book.
The narration of the book is good.
The language of the book is easy to understand.
The plotline could have been written better.
The quotes given in the book are good.
The book short read, you can finish this book in a single sitting.
Overall a good one time read.
Recommended this book for beginners.

Book Review:Love Yourself

“Love yourself” by Rakhi Kapoor is a non-fiction and self-help book.
This book is divided into nine parts ie :
Who is Responsible for Your Happiness?
Sleep Dream and Heal
Embrace Yourself and the Ones Who Matter
Laugh and Let Go
Fart, Burp, Poop and Fuck It
Lead Yourself All the Way
Own Your Failures and Mistakes
Visualize Your Life and Your Goals. Have a Vision.
Express Yourself, Eat Well, Exercise Regularly, Exit the Cycle, Break the Pattern.
This book will help you to fight with the negative thoughts, stress and anxiety, how to love yourself and how to lead yourself to success.

The title and the cover are perfectly apt to the book.
The content of this book is beneficial.
Things to do, Tips and Activity Corner has given in the book are helpful.
Overall this book is full of inspiration and motivation.
I highly recommend this book to everyone.